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Creative Marketing

We do WICKED things for our WICKED clients!

What we do

We are a small but mighty creative powerhouse, here to provide you with WICKED solutions in a variety of specialties.

Wicked Websites

Using a performance based approach combined with our custom interview process and expert content creators, we’ll not only get you on the map, we’ll obliterate your existing traffic stats.



Business blogging is an effective strategy to bring traffic to your website and connect with your current and future customers in real-time.

Social Media

We specialize in working with small to medium sized businesses who are looking to create a social media buzz and a strong web presence without breaking the bank.

Business Strategies

Over the last 32 years, we’ve helped countless startups, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and think tanks, with business success solutions. Building a business strategy not only enhances your vision, it also increases productivity and streamlines processes.


Building a brand leans on your strategy, and develops a voice for your company. Everything about your beautiful brand and how it represents itself is a reflection of you, your employees, and the clients you’re looking to attract and retain.



Share your brand with the world! Coming up with a marketing strategy as well as a marketing plan, gives you direction on where you’re going and how you get there.


So many businesses deploy a sales approach that completely misses what they’re actually selling – a SOLUTION to a client’s problem!

Graphic Design

Graphic Design takes a unique combination of artistic talent, big picture thinking, colour selection, and knowing how to lay things out to make the combination visually pleasing and memorable.  A little “white space” goes a long way!

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Generating New Ideas, Solving Problems, Generating a Buzz

It’s what we do!

Years Of Experience

Problems Solved

Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Coffee (Since we got our Nespresso... 2 years ago)

Supporting Products

Don’t forget about the physical ways you market your business.  How you dress, how your business cards look and feel, and what you decide to market your business with, all work together with your online presence to create client impressions and loyalty.


There are 3 ways to customize apparel: screen printing, embroidery, and direct print to garment, and we can help you with all of them. We also carry a wide selection of name brand clothing options, in a variety of styles, colours, and sizes.

Luxury Print

From business cards, to envelopes, postcards, window graphics, vinyl banners, pull up banners, table covers, wall decals, direct mail campaigns, and 43 other print related products, we’ve got you covered.


Promotional Products

We are NOT your “widget of the day” kind of promo people. In fact, we pride ourselves on providing you the best swag with a little bit of swagger. Promotional products have to have a sence of purpose, a little strategic intervention if you will.

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Opportunities Don’t Just Happen, You Create Them

Creating opportunities can be as simple as having a conversation over coffee.  But, who says you can’t have a little fun on the side doing it?  Have a read at what Jenn and Dan like to do “on the side”…

Our Latest Work

Just a few of the existing projects that are on the go.  Be sure to ask us how we’re helping these businesses!

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