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We specialize in working with small to medium sized businesses who are looking to create a social media buzz and a strong web presence without breaking the bank.

As 80% of advertising has moved from print to electronic platforms many companies have been in a race to catch up. We want to work with our clients to ensure that they are using their social media to their best advantage by developing campaigns that are memorable and truly reflective of their company.

Social Media 101

Hopefully you’re not just using Facebook as a single social media platform.  Why??…you might ask.  Well, whatever content you put on Facebook isn’t “crawled” by Google, and will likely never show up on a search engine result. Your profile’s there but not your posts, so if you’re thinking Facebook is falling flat, you’d be right.

Want to drive some traffic your way by adding a second channel?  Instagram is one of the best platforms to expand your reach across the globe, interact with a wider audience, and (more importantly) get your photos on Google, if they’re coded and hashtagged properly.

Platforms aside, social media is a vitally important aspect of every business.  Businesses have increased their reach tenfold on social media, and businesses have blown themselves up on social media.  It takes a delacate balance of useful information, and fun and enganging content in collaboration with your website, to truly make an impact to your online footprint.

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Social Media Marketing Process SEO Apparel Branding Business Strategies Graphic Design Luxury Print Marketing Promo Sales Social Media Websites Calgary Alberta Canada

Did you know there are currently 41 top social media platforms you could be on? We’ll help you navigate which one(s) you should be on, and why.

Audience Engagement

People are always having conversations on social media, wouldn’t you rather be driving those conversations instead of just listening in?

On average, consumers spend upwards of 40% more with companies that have engaged them on social media.  

A Wider Audience

Having an audience online is far more valuable than having customers alone.  Sure, customers are happy to spread the word (both good and bad) online, but having a wider audience means more people to interact with.

Creates Chatter

There was a shampoo in the 70’s that had a tagline of “I’ll tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends…” which exemplifies the reaching power of social media.  Every comment, like, share, or emoji reaction, builds user interactions.


And Builds Trust

If you can build a wider audience on social media through honesty, authenticity, respect, and integrity, your entire community will be ready to advocate for you and look at you as a leader in your industry.

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