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Building Solutions – It’s A Passion

For over 30 years, Jenn and Dan have always been actively involved in one business or another.  In fact, usually they’re involved in more than one business at the same time, in different capacities of course.

Now it’s YOUR turn!  Let this dynamic-duo help you grow your business, in ways you haven’t before.

We are a small but mighty creative powerhouse, here to provide you with WICKED solutions in a variety of specialties.

Fearless Leaders

Yes, we’re real people who have real pets, and live and breathe this every day.  After all, being entrepreneurs isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle!



Creative Strategist & Wine Adventurer

Jenn is a master at making connections, brainstorming uniquely effective marketing strategies, and loves to collaborate with people and projects on providing practical solutions.  In a nutshell – she’s the lead generator, the idea strategist, the answer to your question, the biggest cheerleader for you and your business!

For fun, Jenn loves a good time with great people, great food, and GREAT wine.  She’s not a social butterfly, but she is a people person and is happy to participate in engaging conversations.



Creative Director & Whisky Guy

Dan is a systems guy who excels at logistics, and loves a good technical challenge.  He’s a heavy thinker who loves to lean on his experience, and strategize multiple solutions for solving problems.  He’s known for effectively communicating things in plain English, and will go out of his way to make your brand a success.

For Fun, Dan is an introvert by nature, but when there’s a whisky in front of him you’d never know it.  Ask him about any of bottles that he has on his shelf, and what he’d pair it with from his BBQ or smoker.

TheOwl.vip Inc.

TheOwl.vip Inc.

Our Side Hustle

For over 30 years Jenn and Dan have owned and been involved with a variety of businesses in a variety of industries.  They are the Yin and Yang to eachother and the businesses they are involved in.  Skillset wise, they are extremely complementary, between Jenn’s ideas and Dan’s implementations, it’s a perfect match for business success.

Aside from Wicked Blue Owl, their secondary adventure involves a little wine, whisky, and food.  A perfect opportunity to get to know more people, share some experiences, and try something new.  Be sure to check it out!

TheOwl.vip – Private Food Adventures – Utilizing our Certified Whisky Ambassador, Certified Wine Adventurer, and Private Chefs, to bring you an experience you’ll never forget.

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