We Really Know How To Build Some…


Using a performance based approach combined with a custom interview process, we’ll not only get you on the map, we’ll obliterate your existing stats.

Every WICKED Website Includes

Our websites are performance driven right out of the gate, and are designed to be informative and visually pleasing.  Every one of our WICKED WEBSITES includes:


The World's #1 Platform - WordPress


9 Free WordPress Plugins


One Year Of Hosting


One Year of URL Registration


One SSL Security Certificate


Daily Backups


Security Checks


Link Monitoring


Performance Monitoring


Up-Time Monitoring


Basic SEO Monitoring


No "Custom Code" ...EVER!

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It looks amazing and I love the photos! It has such a wonderful and organic feel to it!


Content Is King Wicked Blue Owl Creative Marketing Websites Social Media Graphic Design Brand Development Marketing Print Apparel Promo Swag Calgary Alberta Canada

Content Building 101

We’re different from other website builders because we REALLY take the time to understand your business, the message you want to convey, the solution you want to provide your users, and we collaboratively work with you to make your website something you’ll be proud of.

Throught the development process, your feedback and commentary are always requested as it’s being created.  There is never anything openly published and released without your approval.

What Are The Costs?

It’s not as expensive as you might think!  Honestly, getting a WICKED website up and running is very reasonable, the biggest cost is based on how much content you want on your site.  We can even show you how to add your own content, if you’d like!

What Are My Options?

Every business solution is different, so let’s talk about these options.

Business Essentials

The Full Package
Please Ask
  • Premium SEO Monitoring: Attract and get more visitors, increase your readers engagement, view your content across multiple channels.
  • WooCommerce for Facebook: Put your ecommerce store on Facebook.
  • Social Media Content
  • Blog Writing
  • Image Tagging

Wordpress Plugins

Custom Solutions
Ask Us
  • There are over 7500 free and premium plugins for WordPress.  Talk to us today about your unique solution!

Recent Works

Here’s just some of the fun projects we’ve recently worked on.

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Specialty Spirits
SassyGrub Girl
Do Right & Done

Website Building 101

It’s Not Like It Used To Be

In case you didn’t know, back in the 90’s you had to code your website according to what brower you were using: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Phoenix, Firefox, Safari, Mosaic and others.  Heck, if you knew how to upload files, you could even build a site in Microsoft Word, do a “Save As – HTML Web Page” and go that route.  As a website builder, this significantly increased your workload because it meant you had to “code”, maintain, and test several websites (using separate infrastructures) all at once, for the same client with the same content!

Wicked Websites How It's Done Today Visual Interface Blue Owl Calgary Alberta Canada

Don’t Get Caught

Don’t EVER get your website built by a developer that tells you they will “custom code” your site for you!  Having custom code (instead of plugins) means you’re tied to that developer for life, unless you want to pay someone else to try and learn it.

Today, It’s ALL About Visual Editing

Coding websites for most small and medium sized businesses, is a thing of the past.  We only use the top Visual Editing software to build, maintain and add content to your website.  All of our sites are WordPress based, and we only use certified and approved premium plugins.

Having your WICKED website built by us means it’s got an easy to understand platform, that can be easily maintained, and adding content (like blogs, E-commerce products, or landing pages) can always be added by us, or anyone else (like YOU!!) with a very minor learning curve.


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